Discord Notifications


I’m trying to set up the Discord Notifier here: https://home-assistant.io/components/notify.discord/

I’m having some trouble understanding the setup. So far I have added the bot to my Discord channel but it’s currently showing as offline.

I also don’t quite understand how to use the payload in a notification.

I’d appreciate it if anyone who has this working could provide some example configs. Thanks!

There seems to be a bug:


Thanks for the info!

Even though it’s not working correctly right now, I’m still looking for some config examples so I can learn how to use it correctly for when it’s fixed.

my notify.yaml has the following in it

- name: discord
  platform: discord
  token: <token>
- name: scott
  platform: group
    - service: discord
        target: <channel_id>

Then my automation uses

  - service: notify.scott
      message: "stuff"

Thanks for providing your config and sorry for the delay in replying!

Is this now working correctly if I attempt to set it up again or is there still issues?