Discover Enocean Devices?

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ok, next step with HA. I enabled the Enocean Integration.

As far as I read there is no autodiscover of the devices? I have multiple In-Wall devices where I would need to pull them out to get the IDs. Is this how it is supposed to work? There is really no other way to get these devices in? (BTW: I had the in OpenHAB by autodiscover but my OpenHAB has been replaced with HA now.)

I mean, I have the needed USB300 dongle it should at least log information when a device send something, shouldn’t it?



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First, start logging enocean message :

  default: error
    homeassistant.components.enocean: debug

Then, press a button of your wall switch.

In the log you’ll have something like:

2021-10-18 11:44:09 DEBUG (Thread-3) [homeassistant.components.enocean.dongle] Received radio packet: FE:F0:75:70->FF:FF:FF:FF (-70 dBm): 0x01 [‘0xf6’, ‘0x0’, ‘0xfe’, ‘0xf0’, ‘0x75’, ‘0x70’, ‘0x20’] [‘0x0’, ‘0xff’, ‘0xff’, ‘0xff’, ‘0xff’, ‘0x46’, ‘0x0’] OrderedDict()
2021-10-18 11:44:10 DEBUG (Thread-3) [homeassistant.components.enocean.dongle] Received radio packet: FF:E8:0D:09->FF:FF:FF:FF (-70 dBm): 0x01 [‘0xf6’, ‘0x50’, ‘0xff’, ‘0xe8’, ‘0xd’, ‘0x9’, ‘0x30’] [‘0x0’, ‘0xff’, ‘0xff’, ‘0xff’, ‘0xff’, ‘0x46’, ‘0x0’] OrderedDict()

The id is FE:F0:75:70,indeed the second message is the callback from my Eltako gateway confirming reception.

Then, add a binary sensor:

  - platform: enocean
    id: [0xFF,0xF0,0x75,0x70]
    name: Bathroom switch

And finally an automation to do something when the switch is pressed:

- id: '1634550680537'
  alias: Bathroom switch
  description: ''
  - platform: event
    event_type: button_pressed
      - 254
      - 240
      - 117
      - 112
      pushed: 0
  condition: []
  - service: '{% if %} switch.turn_off {% else %} switch.turn_on
      {%endif %}'
      entity_id: switch.tz3000_pnzfdr9y_ts0101_fab024fe_on_off
  mode: single

Add which: 0 or 1 to select left or right switches with the eltako ft55.
Also I use my switches as “normal” switches. Press on and it’s on, off and it’s off. Not toggle mode. So that’s why I use the template service to activate the entity in the “pressed state”.

Hi All,

this Thread was of great help sofar, Thanks a lot for the explaination @tbarbette.

I have been able to Log the enocean Device (i believe it is an Eltako FT55(not sure as it was installed by an electrician)) and was able to create a binary sensor.

In my case the uscase is actually very simple. I just want to trigger the sensor to turn the light connected to it on and off.

I seem to be failing with this. Also it seems that the Sensor does not seem to have a unique id/name and i cannot trigger it from the Dashboard.

Does anyone have a clue on what i am missing here?

There’s still no “write” support. You can only listen to Enocean messages going on in your house and act on other devices (like a Hue lightbulb) for now…

It’s implementable, it’s just that nobody did it…

WTF? Seriously?

Do you have some links where this is documented?



Is there any way I can find out why my rocker switch wont work?
I get the debug radio packets received and I put the id in my config. But when I check the entity, there are no events logged for it.

have a look at the enocean2mqtt AddOn … lots easier to see whats going on.
Did help me a lot against that existing integration which, sorry to say isn’t really self explaining.

Yeah, thats a way better solution. Thanks!

Hi all,

I’m stuck, I added the enocean integration with the enocean usb300 dongle, enabled debug logging and don’t get any logs when pressing buttons on my enocean PTM215Z. Am I missing any steps?


the PTM215Z uses zigbee green energy at 2,4GHz. I think the enocean usb300 dongle doesn’t receive that frequency.

I remember from researching this, that “green energy” support works with Zigbee2MQTT, but you need a Philips Hue device, like a plug, to “translate” it IIRC

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I want to use a Micropelt MVA009 valve using an USB300 dongle. Dongle is listed as connected in the log. But I cant press a button on the valve like a light switch, there is no button … so how can I detect this kind of devices?

Anybody out there with an integration for micropelt valves?

Thanks a lot.

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Hi again,
so found datagrams listed in the log. One of the valves sent some data and HA write it in the log ==> looks not that bad.
So, how can I use this data within HA?
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