Discover feature not detecting Google Home Speakers

Hi Guys,

I noticed the other day that all my Google Home speakers/Google Cast devices were all showing as “Entity not available” on Lovelace:

24 04*

I manually deleted all of them by going to the Entity Registry section of Lovelace.

Discovery component is enabled in configurations.yaml.

However, none of the devices are showing/being detected on the Entity Registry/Integrations section. Other discovered devices appear there but not the cast devices.

Can anyone help me as to why the cast devices are not being discovered?

Any help would be most appreciated. Thank you

*(note: “Bedroom speaker” in the second screenshot was added in manually in configurations.yaml so ignore that)

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Issue resolved.

I had manually enabled the cast component in configurations.yaml

It seems that by doing so it disables the discovery of cast devices and strictly identifies whatever you devices you specificy in the config file.

Removing the cast component from configuration.yaml should allow it to discover cast devices again. (Make sure to reboot!)

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