Discovering Bluetooth String Lights on Dell Wyse 5060

Hi all,

I recently purchased a set of Bluetooth string lights and was hoping to be able to add them in to Home Assistant (these lights specifically).

My HA instance has found some Bluetooth devices like my Switchbot and an Aqara door sensor with the adaptor I’m using (TP-Link Nano) but doesn’t discover the lights. I can see them with my phone and PC, but no such luck with HA.

I’m running HA on a Dell Wyse 5060 - the documentation mentions installing BlueZ but I don’t know if this is relevant to me?

Does anybody have any ideas on how I might get these lights adding into HA? Any help hugely appreciated.


Edit: Adding some extra info.

Home Assistant 2022.12.7
Supervisor 2022.11.2
Operating System 9.4
Frontend 20221213.1 - latest