Discovery and config yaml

Hello! So my discovery mode has found my wifi Roku Tv, which is awesome but i prefer to hardcode it in my config yaml. So i did

    - roku

which hid the player on my home screen

then i went to my config yaml and put the regular

  - platform: roku

nothing shows up anymore. What am i missing?

I was trying to find where discovery may record the yaml so i can copy into my config but no such luck. I’ve searched around for a day or so and havent found any documentation to assist. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

A guess but you might need to ignore the media player platform - not the Roku specifically?

Don’t know why you would do this anyway… use customize to set a friendly name instead would be better I think (it’s what I do for my Roku)

If you remove it from discovery you need to present it to the front end via a group.

Can you explain further , please?

So in a group and not via component? Do you have an example?

You still need a component, but you need to put the device in a group for it to show up on the front end

Oh snap. Ok. I think something clicked in my brain. Thank you, sir. I’ll test it out and let you know.