Discovery component not working

Hi there!

I have a docker container running homeassistant on a synology nas on port 8123, on the host network. The devices I add manually on the configuration.yaml file (such as hue lights with the sync process, netatmo camera and foobot sensor) work without issue, but it cannot discover things such as PMS, Sonos speakers, Harmony hub…what could be the cause?



Same here. I use Synology with docker.
HASS discover Plex Media Server, Cast devices, but not discovers Harmony.

What shold I do for auto discovery?


It won’t discover my Roku or Harmony, even if I force “hosts”

For me, it won’t discover PMS, Sonos, Tado or Harmony. Maybe there’s something I have to change in my router?

Well I managed to progress a little bit. It now detects Sonos (manually configured), but no such luck with Harmony, Wemo, Samsung TV and other components which should work on discovery. The log does mention the discovery component launching, and it is included in the configuration.yaml file. It sees the devices, but then nothing happens. As an example for PMS:

2019-03-21 11:26:24 INFO (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.discovery] Unknown service discovered: dlna_dms {‘host’: ‘’, ‘port’: 32469, ‘ssdp_description’: ‘’, ‘name’: ‘Plex Media Server: Diskstation’, ‘model_name’: ‘Plex Media Server’, ‘model_number’: ‘’, ‘serial’: None, ‘manufacturer’: ‘Plex, Inc.’, ‘udn’: ‘uuid:uuid’, ‘upnp_device_type’: ‘urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:MediaServer:1’}

(uuid has been removed)

And that’s it, nothing happens. No such luck with the other devices discovery should be able to see. Any help?

These are all network issues. Start looking at your network.

Ok, any idea on what I should look for? I looked at my router settings but found nothing that could be impeding discovery to work…