Discovery/Configurator-Axis Cam-Wrong IP?

So after the latest 66.1 upgrade Discovery finds my (previously configured and working) Axis P3304 camera but it displays the wrong IP address. It gives the generic 169.254.166.etc not the actual working local address. It populates in Known Devices correctly, but in the logs it errors out attempting to connect to that 169 address. When I put in the correct credentials in configurator it errors out. I’ve tried manually adding as a generic and Axis in config and no image. How do I get hass to point to the correct IP? I’ve spent several days searching around with no luck.

Thats a link local address, which you shouldn’t get…

2 things

1 Enable debug for discovery to see all the details of discovery in the log.
2 Does it work if you configure it manually in configuration.yaml?

Ahh good idea with debug, forgot about that. No, I haven’t been able to get it to work manually in config, under generic mjpeg or Axis, which is odd to me. My Motioneye cams work just fine.

If the static configuration doesn’t work I think you have some environment issue.

So here’s what’s being reported:

(MainThread) [homeassistant.components.discovery] Found new service: axis {‘host’: ‘’, ‘port’: 80, ‘hostname’: ‘axis-00408cbf7b19.local.’, ‘properties’: {‘macaddress’: ‘00408CBF7B19’}}

Just not sure why it’s getting that address? Using a Mikrotik router, not finding anything there that correlates to this “169” as I have the camera set to a static address.

Fixed! So nothing to do with Hass as Robban stated. After digging more into the camera settings, I found that Link-Local IPv4 Address was set to auto-configure. When viewed it was displaying that 169. address, no idea why or how it changed or was enabled. After unchecking Auto-Config. Link Local, Hass restart, Discovery reported the cam with correct address and configured successfully. Hopefully this info will help someone else in the future with an Axis cam.


I was worried that something had changed that would make it complicated to support both behaviours…

Glad that wasn’t the case :smiley:

Thanks, this solved my problem too!

Well it did mate, i have been tearing my hair out for about 3.5 hours, trying to get this to work.

I unticked that box, rebooted and boom! worked no problems. cheers mate.

Thanks for this. I had the same issue. Now just have to log into 30 Axis cameras… PIA but happy!

At least you can be happy that you have 30 axis cameras :slight_smile:

Splendid - I needed this too - thanks!