Discovery with home assistant supervized?

I installed supervized home assistant on a nuc with docker.
I transferred a snapshot created with my raspberry
Everything works fine except these lines:

    - host:
      port: 19999
      name: vu solo
      timeout: 20
      username: root
      password: xxxxx

I read that it was necessary to add “network_mode: host”
I tried with docker-compose but I broke the supervisor
How can I do ?

Why don’t you just use the built in enigma 2 integration instead of the custom one?

The supervisor automatically launches HA in host mode.

Hi Petro,
Thank you for your remark
I understood that I was using an obsolete integration.
Effectively enigma2 is discovered as media_player.
(only works on port 80 without password)
to adapt to my case I added in yaml:

 - platform: enigma2
   name: vu solo
   port: 19999
   username: root
   password: xxxxx