Dishwasher - Candy simply FI - CDI 6015 WiFi

I own an candy CDI 6015 Wifi connected by android application: candy
simpli fi (Play Store link:
Unfortunately, the company didn’t made any Alexa or Google Home integration and I would like to integrate it into Home Assistant. :blush:

Anyone have any idea how to integrate whit Home Assistant?

Thanks in advance

I agree with the request, I also have a Candy washing machine with simply-fi.


Also considering purchasing Candy washing machine. Have somebody already checked, if communication can be caught and reverse engineered?

I own a candy oven that connects through simpli-fi and am considering a washing machine, I’d be willing to help (albeit with my technical limitations) anyone interested in reverse engineering them.

I would like

I have a Candy CSO-H9A2DE-S , I would like to help. Do anyone know that tool can I use to start? Wireshark?

Me too.
I own a RO41274DXH51-S

I am not a programmer but I am willing to help in any way that I can.