Disk full, DB deleted and lost sensor

Hi all,

My Home Assistant server went full on disk. After several attempts to solve it I ended up deleting home-assistant_v2.db (13GB big…). However, I think I missed the part that it also contains information such as name for my devices……

Now I have restored all the names to the correct device. But I still have one, PHILIO TECH Multisensor 3 in 1, that seems to be there as a device, but Zwave network dont show any temp or luminance from it.

Is there a way to wake it up and reconnect, or is the best way to delete the node and add it again?

You’re going to have problems with that 13 gb SQLite database. You need to either switch to something else or keep it pruned.

The database only contains history, not the entity names. That’s the job of the entity registry


The core info about the nodes was there, but the names were lost. So I hade to rename all nodes again after I figure which one belonged where. That happened after I deleted the v2.db

Solution for the sensor was easiest just to remove the node from GUI, click the button 3 times, restart and then add node using GUI and a new 3 click procedure. Rename and it was there.

The DB is now just 10 MB after two days running, so the 13 GB feels really strange. I added the recorder: inside configuration.yaml and just added entities that I want history from.

The database is only a record of what happened, not of your entities.

Hi flamingme0e,

That cant be true, since the only thing I did do was to delete the DB. When restarted HA I had no names left for all switches and sensors, but they where all there but with default names. So I had to rename them again to the names they once had.

I have version 0.60.1 of HA.

But it is. I’m sorry you think otherwise, but that’s what it is. If what you said was true, we would know about this issue, because people have been deleting that db file when it gets corrupt since forever…