Disk Space filling up

Hello together,

I’ve got the problem that my disk space is creaping away. System is running on a 128gb SSD - usage is around 75%.
I already cleaned up my database - home-assistant_v2.db is around 1,4 GB.
Also deleted all local backups - using Google Drive backup addon.
But still something is sneaking away my disk space. I scanned config folder about large files but largest is the database.
Are there any other folders which are blowing up, what about old HASS versions (temporary folders)?
It startet end of October.

Best regads,

Temporary solution was to make a full backup. Flash the SSD and restore. But a few days later now storage used climbed again. Figured out that it increases in the night after doing a backup which is automatically uploaded to Google and deleted. Afterward the system does a reboot. After that storage use is bigger than before.

Sad to say that after a few month the same issue returned. Before I thought it was caused by Google Drive Backup Addon. Raspi rebooted to fast before the old file could have been deleted.
Maybe it’s the same issue again, but I am not sure. Anyone with the same problem? Or other solutions. Already tried to set log and logger.