Disk space usage on home assistant running in docker

I have installed home assistant on esx , with 65G of disk and over 7 months the reported space used is 59%,
df-k reports used 37GB available 26GB , what i don’t understand is where this 37GB is used, i can see the database is 1.37GB which is by far the largest file on there, I thought there maybe some log files that’s causing this but i have failed to find any.
or is this normal ?

Could be old Home Assistant docker images, run docker system df on the host and - if you know what the consequences are docker system prune -a.

This will show my limited knowledge of docker, from the console i get a ha> prompt with a selection of commands how do i get into a shell to run the docker command from here.
if i go to the homeassistant ip address using ssh then i do not get any docker commands , can you please advice how to run the docker commands

You need to run them on the Docker host (your ESX VM), not from inside the HA container.

How often you update? Could be old docker images you not delete.

Try “docker image ls” within vm as well to show all image you have held