Disk usage different depending how I look

I’m having a weird issue regarding disk usage in my system. I’m having issues with growing usage that I’ve since narrowed down to the docker overlay2 folder. Right now I’m trying to figure out how much of my disk is actually being used and clearly I’m not understanding something regarding the tools. My system is HAOS in a Proxmox VM.

I’ve logged into the console and run the following command: du -h -d 1. Doing so, and following it down shows that the overlay2 docker folder is using 9G. You can see that here.


If I run in that same environment df -h you can see I’m only using 4.6G total. This is also seen when running df -h inside the Terminal & SSH Addon which I’ve included here as well.



The disk usage in settings also agrees with the df -h values.

So my question is, which is actually accurate? Am I using over 9G total of disk space or 4.6G currently?

Have you found more info on this?

My overlay2 Filesystem is taking 130GB…