Disk usage increases very rapidly after latest updates

I do not know is this the right category for this but I have realized in my systems running Homeassistant in NUC (NUC image) that disk usage increases very rapidly. I think this happened within few days ago after updates with supervisor/HassOS/Grafana/Influx to latest versions.

For a long time my system monitor showed around 4 GiB used and 99 Gib free. Now it shows 7 GiB used and 96GiB free?

Anyone else noticing same behaviour?

Below the status of one my two NUCs with Disk Use:

Yes. Since updating to HassOS 4.8:

Should we worry about this, who to report …

My other NUC:

Reported …

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Ah! I’m not alone!
I was going to open a post and saw this thread. I’m not dreaming! My database is growing 30Mb per day but my disk usage is growing 220Mb per day!
Did someone found out what’s going on? I tried to find what’s eat disk space but did not find anything, still searching

This function was very quickly explained - many thanks for that! Only thing I still would like to know (nice to know-part) is this disk use just going to increase or is it going to stop somehow?

10% and 15% of the file system size with a max of 4Gb. 4Gb of log!
Is this is really useful?..

On the other hand, if the space is available and system will write those logs anyway, I do not see a reason to worry about.

I agree. I was just wondering

Problem solved, close the thread?