Disk use home no longer reporting

I recently moved my HA system to a newer RPi4 with an SSD. Everything seems to be working fine but I noticed the sensor.disk_use_home is no longer reporting. I’m using the System Monitor sensor in HA. The configuration shows /home for the argument.
Also, the disk_free_home and disk_use_home do appear to be working. As far as I can tell.

Anything I can check to see why it stopped reporting? Also the disk_use and disk_free history data seems to have a 4 day period where it did not change. Also weird.

The config for my sensor looks like this:

- platform: systemmonitor
   - type: disk_use_percent
     arg: /home
   - type: disk_use
     arg: /home
   - type: disk_free
     arg: /home
   - type: memory_use_percent
   - type: memory_use
   - type: memory_free
   - type: ipv4_address
     arg: eth0
   - type: processor_use
   - type: last_boot