Display a list of Z-wave JS entities by node number and entity_id

Apologies if this has been covered already, but I could not find an appropriate conversation when I searched on z-wave js list entities.

Please could the clever programmers let me know if there is a piece of programming that can be put into the Template Editor that will produce a list of all the Z-wave JS entities listed by node number and entity and entity name? I would like to keep a spreadsheet with these listed because it is faff having to move between several pages matching the node number in Z-wave JS control panel with the entity details in Home Assistant Supervised.
It will save a shedload of manual labour with the 50 devices I have set up.

Thanks very much!


It’s not possible, the information is not accessible.

Thank you @petro for your rapid response. I guess it’s a happy hour cataloguing them all manually!

hopefully we’ll be able to traverse devices with the template editor in the future. Unfortunately we cannot right now.

This would really make my life a lot easier as well. I cannot expose Device Information in Lovelace :frowning:

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use this template in the template editor


Hi - I use zwavejs (version: 0.1.71) , with a dozen items in the network, but get this error:

“UndefinedError: No first item, sequence was empty.”

when using your suggested Template!

Maybe it has broken? What can I do to fix it?

Paul McGinnie

updated the post, use the new template.

Thank you for such a prompt reply! And it works beautifully!