Display a value from a Node-Red node on Lovelace as graph?

Hello fellow HA users.

I´m using this node “node-red-contrib-msg-speed”, to track a possible watter leakeage. If durring the last 10 min, had 12 ticks from the reed connected to the watermeter, an allarm is triggered. I would like to be able to monitor over a longer period the evolution of the output of this node.


I have tried with an osciloscope on the node red dashboard, but it was rendering the page unresposive with 1 day of data. I was thinking that maybe a sensor displayed in a grapf mode on Lovelace dashboard would offer me the needed information.

But I have no ideea, how to get the data from the node written to a sensor, so please guide me to be able to find the solution.

Thanks and regards,

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Look under the Homeassistant panel in the NodeRed Pallette. Look for a node type ‘entity’

The entity node will create either a switch, binary sensor or sensor entity in HA. Pass what you want to the node and then work with the sensor in HA as you normally would…

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You’ll need to install the nodered companion in HACS to create entities.