Display a variable length list of entities in lovelace UI

I have an automation that creates a variable length list of entity_ids. Currently I’m storing the list in the attributes of a sensor but I can change the automation to provide the list to HA in whatever way is most efficient if there is a better method.

All I want to do is display that list of entities in the lovelace UI along with secondary_info: last_change but I’ve found this remarkably difficult to accomplish.

I’ve tried custom cards like config-template-card or auto-entities but they seem to have a hard time iterating though a list to achieve what I want.

Does anyone have a tip how to achieve this?

Markdown card?

There’s even an example on that page that does the job you’re after.

  type: markdown
  content: |
    My attribute list:
    {% for e in state_attr('sensor.MY_SENSOR','MY_ATTRIBUTE') %}
      - {{ e }}
    {%- endfor %}
    Last updated: {{ states['sensor.MY_SENSOR']['last_changed'] }}.

Using a “template” option, you can parse & iterate entries.
These entries may be stored inside an attribute (as you mentioned) - but I would choose storing inside an input_text (easier in an automation). Place ids separated by some delimiter like “@” or whatever.

Example: create a list in an automation:

{% set LIST = ['sun.sun','zone.home','person.ildar'] -%}
{%- set DELIMITER = '@' -%}
{%- set ns = namespace(entries='') -%}
{%- for ENTRY in LIST -%}
  {%- set ns.entries = ns.entries + ENTRY + DELIMITER -%}
{%- endfor -%}
{%- set STRING = ns.entries -%}

Then call a service to assign this “STRING” to some input_text.

How to extract ids:

type: custom:auto-entities
  type: entities
  template: >-
    {% set STRING = states('input_text.xxxxxx') -%}
    {%- set DELIMITER = '@' -%}
    {%- for ENTRY in STRING.split(DELIMITER) -%}
      {%- if not loop.last -%}
            'entity': ENTRY,
            'secondary_info': 'last-changed'
      {%- endif -%}
    {%- endfor %}  


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Thanks @Ildar_Gabdullin. You set me on the right path that I finally got the following to work:

  type: custom:auto-entities
    type: entities
    title: Not Reporting Sensors
    template: >-
        {%- set entities = state_attr('sensor.not_reporting_sensors','entity_id') %}
        {%- for entity in entities %}
          "entity": "{{ entity }}",
          "secondary_info": "last-changed"
        }{%- if not loop.last %},{%- endif %}
        {%- endfor %}

I still need to use the entity attributes because the it seems that a sensor state has a character limit (I presume 255 which I know is the limit for input_text).