Display camera stream on doorbell press on appdaemon dashboard

Hello all,

I succesfully setted up appdaemon within home assistant, and made a nice dashboard to fit on my tablet display.
It would be nice, that when somebody is pressing the doorbell, the image or the livestream is displayed on my dashboard on my tablet automatically.

Is that possible?.

Thanks for helping.



I do exactly that in lovelace using a conditional card.

Hello Holger,

Thankyou for your reply,
Can you please show me a way to go, with the conditional card?
Maybe you can share an examble.

Thank you,


Well, I have a doorpi that sends its call status via MQTT and a camera URL for the doorpi.


  - platform: mqtt
    name: "doorpi_call"
    state_topic: "doorpi/call/state"

  - platform: mjpeg
    name: Türkamera
    mjpeg_url: !secret mjpeg_url


                  - type: conditional
                      - entity: sensor.doorpi_call
                        state: "startup"
                       type: picture-entity
                       entity: camera.turkamera
                       camera_view: live

Of course, you could also use a popup, but that requires browser_mod and an automation or a nodered flow.

Hello Holger,

thank you very much.
In lovelace my camera is showing up on doorbell ringing.
And thanks for the info on using browser_mod, i’ll look into that for my wall-tablet.


Hey @jozg were you able to do that on appdeamon dashboard too or only in lovelace ?

Hello Christophe,

Only lovelace sofar. I’m trying to setup browser_mod, wich should be able to do the same in appdaemon.
But until now i can’t get it to work.
Let you know when i succeed.


I have it working with browser_mod in lovelace, it was pretty straightforward.
My fire 7 tablets struggle to load the lovelace UI are are very slow so I was looking into doing the appdeamon board but I though I would lose that feature. If you can do it then I’ll definitely test it too.


i tried but can’t see camera stream in lovelace when i turn On Switch. here is my set up for testing purpose only.
pleaes help.

in configuration.yaml i added lovelace

i created new yaml file name: ui-lovelace.yaml and put following in that file

  • type: conditional


    • entity: switch.10140263bcddc2599d67_1

      state: ‘on’


    type: picture-entity

    entity: camera.rrhd_bi

    camera_view: live