Display delay on esphome

I created 2 screens in esphome using a display in which the two alternate, however, placing each screen takes a few seconds, I wanted to ask for some function to use in the print as I didn’t find it in the display documentation, and I have also used the delay function but it stops the entire code and my esp32 is bugged, thanks friends!

  - platform: ssd1306_i2c
    id: oled
    setup_priority: -100
    model: "SSD1306 128x64"
    address: 0x3C
      - id: page1
        lambda: |-
          it.printf(3, 20, id(my_font), "Acqua Callidus");

Theres a whole section in the Display documentation that specifically goes over this and gives you multiple examples…

Thank you very much

Yep. Did you get it working with that?

I found a command in the documentation that I did a workaround and it worked

These didn’t work?

  - platform: ...
    # ...
    id: my_display
      - id: page1
        lambda: |-
          it.print(0, 10, id(my_font), "This is page 1!");
      - id: page2
        lambda: |-
          it.print(0, 10, id(my_font), "This is page 2!");
  - display.page.show_next: my_display
  - display.page.show_previous: my_display