Display do not update when scrolling/navigating in menus when connected to external monitor on MacBook Pro

Is just me experiencing problems in UI not refreshing, when Mac is connected to external monitor (I use LG 21.5-inch 4k and or LG 27-inch 5k) ?
When using Safari I have no problems on my Mac.
Since Big Sur update using Companion on my Mac content update when scrolling or change menus is slow or not done at all. Resizing the windows helps temporarily.
Running now latest versions (core-2021.6.6 supervisor-2021.06.3 Home Assistant OS 6.0 supervised on Raspberry Pi 3 and 2021.6 (2021.158) Home Assistant Companion. But problem has been for a couple of months now…
I have search for topic in forum - but could not see others reporting this.
I have tried to reset frontend cache , and even reset the device, no change.