Display HA notifications on top

I have a Galaxy S22+ running Android 13 / One UI 5.1.

When I get notifications from my Telegram bot, they are always displayed on top of all the other notifications that are displayed in a group at the bottom. Home Assistant notifications are also in this group, but I would like them to be on top too. Is this possible?

In Telegram, the notifications are set to “Urgent”. Those from Home Assistant are set to priority: high and importance: high. I’ve also tried “Urgent” here, but it doesn’t work.

See this screenshot for clarification, note that the Telegram notification is on top in its own “bubble”, while the Home Assistant notification is not.

Screenshot_20230401_122307_One UI Home

After extensive research, I can now answer the question myself.

The arrangement of notifications is defined by Samsung’s One UI 5.1. In this version, all conversations are grouped together at the top. What confused me at first was that other apps, such as Whats App, were displayed at the bottom, but this seems to be a bug, as someone else has pointed out.

So, to answer my own question, unfortunately it’s not possible to make HA notifications more visible in the notifications panel without additional tools or software.

Actually thats android :slight_smile: they did a massive notification redesign and are setting notifications marked as a Conversation at the top. Thats why WhatsApp and other messaging apps are at the top but other apps are not.