Display input_text in entities card without underline

I have an input_text or text helper that is displayed in an entities card in my dashboard. The text has an underline. How do I display that without an underline? I think I read once that I can convert the input_text to a sensor and have the sensor displayed instead. I have searched the forum and Google but I can’t find the post. How do I convert the input_text to a sensor so that the underline doesn’t show up in the entities card?

Have you added name: to your input_select config

I put the wrong information in a part of my post. I am using input_text and not input_select.

An entity card does not underline the input_text

Do you mean the line under the text to show where to type ?

  - sensor:
      - name: "Text without underline"
        state: "{{ states('input_text.your_entity_id').replace('_', ' ') }}"

Thanks. It turns out that it works even without .replace('_', ' ')