Display list of open windows with timer

Hi all,
I would like to have a display a dynamic list of open windows in a tile on my Dashboard.

Basic Idea would be a conditional View when at least one window would be open.
The view would show me a table with two columns for the name and a timer that shows how long this window ist open (minutes : seconds).

Bonus: some kind of warning when the window is open for more than 5 minutes or so.

So, my vision ist there, but I have no clue how I should start this. Is this doable with only basic elements nested into each other, or is this too complex and requires coding a component?

Amy hint about a direction to get started is appreciated. Thanks and best regards, Marcus

You can do that with the amazing auto entities card:

type: custom:auto-entities
show_empty: false
  type: entities
  title: Doors open
  state_color: true
    - domain: binary_sensor
        device_class: "door"
      state: 'on'
        secondary_info: last-changed

For that you want an alert.

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Very nice, did not expect this to be readily available.

But, I am now facing the issue that I cannot configure my HomematicIP “SWDO” window sensors. The HmIP integration provides those, but they are not selectable from this card.

What might be the root cause for this?

Did you also add a filter for window?

If you did then I’d guess that they’re either not binary_sensor entities, or they don’t have device_class: window, or both.

Look at them in States