Display more than 256 characters

Good evening,
how can i display more than 256 characters?

I made a sensor that gets the weather forecast, but it happens that the forecast is longer than 256 characters, in this case the sensor does not update.

how can I do?
Thank you very much

Put the forecast text into an attribute. Then display the attribute text.

Attributes aren’t limited to 256 characters.

Thank you,
could you give me an example?
i use node-red to extract the data

Sorry, but I don’t use node-red so I have no idea how to create a sensor and attributes in HA with it.

thanks anyway.
I will try

I think exist the limit of 256 char also for attributes, because I try to set attribute with a text of 260 char but nothing displayed.
I study and try

No, I’m absolutely sure there is no char limit for attributes.

I have some that are hundreds of characters from a weather alert system in the US.

Maybe Node-Red have a limit?
But if it does then do split in Node-Red. like whenever you encounter a ". "

Another possibility is a bug in HA where nothing is shown if a value from a sensor is added to a lovelace card without any other text, like no unit.
Try to but the value line in between font tags, like sensor line
This will prevent the bug from occuring.

This is correct .

Possibly, I don’t use it either.


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No Node-Red has no limits of 256 characters, in fact if I write the sensor status on a text file, I find everything even if it is greater than 256 characters.
I tried to set msg.payload with a 256 characters long string and I can’t see anything, if on the contrary I set the string with 255 characters, I see them correctly, even if I set the sensor attribute I always get the same behavior, if greater than 256 I do not see anything if less than the data is displayed