Display problems in the Energy Dashboard

I have connected my electricity meter and my solar panel (measured via Shelly) in the energy dashboard. Unfortunately, however, I only see both values as individual graphs. However, I have often seen screenshots that show a joint display, i.e. blue bars (grid) over yellow bars (solar). What am I doing wrong?

What I want is this:

I guess, you need to specify energy return to grid sensor too. (Ruckgabe - Zuruck zum netz).

Only the the complete formula will be counted. It’s the only difference I see with a graph working, as you want.

Unfortunately, I only have the consumption from the electricity provider (PowerIn) and the power of the solar panel. And that is always lower than my consumption.
So it is enough if I calculate this für Return to grid?
ReturnToGrid = -min(PowerIn - SolarPower, 0)