Display Sensor State in Group

Hey pals,

I currently setup a new Raspberry with Home Assistant and try to display the date, when a sensor was updated. The value is available in the state object and I can use the following template to access it:

{{ states.sensor.pressure_sensor_1_0.last_updated }}

But I can’t figure out, how this works in the groups definition:

    name: Letzte Aktualisierung
      - ????

I’d appreciate every hint into a direction that helps.

Thanks in advance

You’ll probably have to create a new template sensor with that as the template.

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Hm ok, I hoped, that I don’t need to do this for all my sensors, but thanks for the idea!!

Let’s try it in another way:
On several screenshots I saw, that it seems to be possible to display the last update below the actual value (e.g. here: https://blog.openenergymonitor.org/images/ha1.jpg)

Has this been removed in newer versions or why is it not visible in my system (and many newer screenshots)?

That’s an excellent question. Even the screen shots on the front-end documentation show last updated.
I’ve never seen that implemented, maybe it’s something that went away?

@treno this is now a feature of custom-ui

Ok, that’s really nice. Works without any additional templating or stuff, thanks @pilotak!