Display Server Time on Graphs

My house, and HA server are in the UK. My son’s in the house on his own at the moment and we’re on holiday to France. According to Home Assistant, he left the house at 8.45. His mum nearly had a fit; he normally leaves at 7.45.She got a text that he’d arrived at work at 8.30. Fifteen minutes before he left home. This apparent timewarp was a bit of a struggle for us.

France is GMT+1. It turns out the times rendered by the web browser are local times. So, what appears to have happened at a particular time, actually happened an hour previous. That’s not a lot of good. I looked at other data. My central heating comes on at 6am, but according to my temperature graphs, the house wasn’t warming up until 7am.

It must be possible to switch the time displayed in the web interface to be server time rather than local time. Anyone know how, please?

I’ve subsequently read that it’s simply NOT possible. I find it hard to believe.