Display the value of the sensor as "name" and round

At the moment I have the value of the sensor displayed with this script.

name: '[[[ return `   ${states[''sensor.warmepumpe_power_2''].state}  Watt` ]]]'

I would now like to round it depending on the value.
< 1 kw as watts. E.g. 800 watts
and > 1 kw as kw. 2.5 kw

Can anyone help?

${ states[''sensor.warmepumpe_power_2''].state } ${ iif(states[''sensor.warmepumpe_power_2''].state < 1, ''watts'', ''kw'') }

This is just pseudo code. I didn’t test it. But maybe something like this?

Thank you for the effort.

I used the code, but got a syntax error.
I then set to the code in. " Accent grave " like the working code

Now I don’t get any error message
Unfortunately, only the display as before (without the addition of the script)

name: '[[[ return `   ${states[''sensor.warmepumpe_power_2''].state}  Watt`;`  ${ iif(states[''sensor.warmepumpe_power_2''].state < 1, ''watts'', ''kw'') }`]]]'