Display Timeline at Top of History (and dock it?)

When viewing the history, the timeline is displayed at the bottom of the entities:

It would be easier if this was duplicated at displayed at the top of the list as well:

(yes, you have the range shown in the start/end date but its not as visual as the timeline shown at the bottom)

An even better feature would be to dock the timeline (if added to the top) as you scrolled down a long list of entities so you have a terms of reference at all times.

Thinking further on this, an entity drop down could also be added next to the date picker, similar to the logbook:

Aware the use case is slightly different here, but if you’re interested in something specifically, potentially its could be a long list to scroll down to identify what your interested in.

Additionally, when clicking on an item in the history, you could pop up a window (again similar to the logbook) with the entity details on it: