Display zigbee2mqtt tab to not admin account

Hello everybody,

I have successfully integrated zigbee2mqtt (with some Philips Hue lights) to my HA. I display Zigbee2mqtt in the HA sidebar.
I’ve created a not admin account for my wife. I want she can put on/off the lights but the zigbee2mqtt tab doesn’t appear for her in the HA sidebar. Is there a way to display it without set her account as admin ? Or display the lights registered in zigbee2mqtt in the HA dashboad ?

Thanks by advance


Normal way would be to make dashboard with all the lights there. The Zigbee2MQTT tab is just there to add lights / diagnose problems / change settings. Not for controlling the lights

At the dashboard you’ll add cards that control the lights.

The way you are describing it now would be the same as me opening a switch and manually connecting the 2 wires together. The switch does a way better and more friendly job at that :smiley:

Thanks. I will try your solution.