Displaying a complete / compound device in HA (MQTT auto discovery)

I’m not a seasoned HA user but hope to become one. I have written an MQTT application for another controller (Hubitat Elevation) that exposes devices to HA through HA’s MQTT auto discovery. It’s working well.

I have now been shown how to group all the entities I expose into a parent device such that this appears in 'integration’s as one device in HA with the sensor entities underneath. But I’m now at a loss on how to display this as a complete device in Lovelace.

I had expected being able to add the complete ‘device’ to Lovelace rather than have to build a card and select the required entities. Can I not do this ? Within integrations the device appears correctly but without the actual values of course.

I then looked at using ‘area’ to place the device but I can’t find any way of displaying an ‘area’ in Lovelace either. I don’t see ‘area’ being supported much at all but realise it’s likely a future feature too.

I gather Thomas might have a custom ‘auto entities’ card which I’ll investigate.

My hope was just to have complete MQTT devices auto discovered by HA and once moved out from ‘unused’ they each appear as one device card with the associated entities ‘automagically’ .

Can this not be done ?


Take a look at the monster card.

The functionality you are looking for doesn’t exist anymore. It was removed because most people don’t want to show everything. So the UI went from an ‘opt-out, hiding things you don’t want’, to an ‘opt-in, configuring things you want’.

Also, there are other custom cards that do what you want, but monster card is where I would start.

I agree with the opt-in approach and am happy with a user somehow ‘enabling’ a device but just wanted a user friendly ‘whole device’ appears rather than having to piece it together from its entities.

Thanks and yes I think the monster card will show everything but the device maybe still ‘parts exploded’ into its entities. I’ll take a look. I think Thomas’ card is very similar. I can configure filters to rebuild a compound device but it just seems weird you can’t add a ‘ device’ with all its entities to HA in one easy step.

Trying to make it as easy as possible…

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Open source man, lovelace is 8 months old. It’ll get there in time.