Distinguishing between Auto-detected Devices


I’m just getting my toes wet with HA. I “plan” on getting a Raspberry Pi if I decide to continue with HA, but for the moment am just toying around with HA on my windows 10 PC and a belkin wemo switch.

I’ve managed to install and run home assistant, and can see my switch on my dashboard (by simply adding “wemo:” to configuration.yaml), and can toggle its state, which I am considering a massive success. :laughing:

But! I am having a conceptual issue. Say I had two wemo switches on my network, how would I be able to distinguish between the two of them? How could I put them in separate groups (e.g. one in living room, one in kitchen), and how could I control them individually? Is this not possible for automatically discovered devices?

I’m afraid that this topic has been addressed before, but I was unable to find it the getting started guide, nor by searching this forums.

Edit: in poking around a little more, I think a more succinct way of asking my question is: how do I detect and/or assign the entity_id for an automatically discovered device?

Double Edit: Annnnnd I think I’ve answered my own question. I needed to go into the states tab under dev tools, where I can see all of my entities, including their id’s. I assume that if I had a second switch, it would be automatically assigned a name like " switch.wemo_insight2"?

Yes. The states dev tool is the best place to look to get the entity_id’s to your existing devices.

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