Distorted scale in Analytics Portal

As a Data Scientist in my day job, I LOVE the fact that you are collecting and publishing data about Home Assistant. I also especially appreciate your opt-in and privacy policies.

However, I take issue with the use of the logarithmic scale in the new Home Assistant Analtyics portal. A logarithmic scale distorts the perceived values, exaggerating the smaller values and devaluing the larger values relative to each other. And when used on a cumulative growth chart such as this one, it makes the growth appear to be flattening out much more than it really is. To make matters worse, the scale is not labelled as logarithmic. Logarithmic scales should only be used in cases where the base data is exponential, such as decibels, acidity (pH), earthquake strength (the Richter scale is logarithmic), etc.

In this case, it exaggerates the lesser used installation types relative to the most common (Operating System), and makes the growth look relatively flat since April 9, when in reality the installations more than doubled in that time.

I created a linear scale version and published it at Tableau Public as an example of what I believe this should look like.

Please consider changing the scale to be linear. Thank you for your attention.

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You got your wish. :partying_face:

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It is a beautiful thing. Thank you so much!