Ditch HomeKit for HA?

I am just starting with HA as a replacement for my simple HomeKit setup.
I hope HA will give me all the functionality I need and so should I :

A) uninstall my homekit installation ie remove automations, accessories etc in homekit, then install everything from scratch in HA
B) Leave homekit set up and install in HA the bridge and other homekit support

Or how would you recommend to start my new system ?

Hello and welcome!
First of all, one would need to know what hardware you are using.
Everything else is a matter of taste. I like to use the Home app in parallel, it serves as a fallback solution when Home Assistant fails and also because of HAF.

I have successfully bought and set up an Odroid n2+ 4gb with 32gb eMMC and I have done the HA basic setup.
For accessories I have some Hue lights, various motion sensors (Zigbee I think) and new Shelly dimmer and socket (which I have had no luck in installing). I have an Apple TV set up as the HomeKit center.

What and how (integrations/platforms) is connected so far?
Have you noticed the HA shelly integration?

I have AppleTV, Fritz!SmartHome, HA supervisor, HomeKit(HASS bridge not successfully connected), Epson printer, weather, and my HA mobile app already installed as integrations.
The Shelly integration asks for a host and I have no clue what that should be. I have tried getting 2 Shelly iOS apps to recognise the devices but neither found them, so I thought I should leave them until I decide what to do about HomeKit.

Ok, I didn’t express that clearly. I meant, how are your Hue bulbs and the motion sensors connected? Via a manufacturer gateway, a dongle, etc.?
As I mentioned before, I for example like to have an alternative, so I’m using HomeKit parallel to HA.

Shelly: I assume that ‘host’ means your HA instance, e.g.

No I didn’t expect the host Shelly is asking for is the address of HA because it is HA that is asking for it. But I just tried it and it failed to connect. The description of installing the integration makes it sound like the devices are already set up because I should know the ip of the devices.
The Hues I think connect directly over wifi and the Zigbee motion detectors I think I have a bridge lying around somewhere.
But my question really is if there is an advantage in setting things up in HomeKit or rather direct in HA ?

This relates to the question if Homekit is necessary or not for your issues. Objectively, I only see one advantage, and only in the case that you don’t want to use ssl. Everything that is looped through Homekit also works outside your network.

Hello, I know it’s a long time that you posted, but I am at exact the same point today and maybe you can help me.

I have some HomeKit accessories and do not like it, that automation get out of order because of an update of my ATV or HomePod. I now want to set up a Home Assistant Server, that will steer all my „main-automations“ like Rollershutter etc. On the other Hand I maybe want to control something when I am out of the house by using HomeApp. Best would be to use both parallel, like you told.

Which way do I have to go now? Better setting everything up in Home Assistant and then open this to my home app? Which steps do I have to take, so that everything works fine?

Best regards,