Divoom Aurabox Integration aka "poor man's Lametric time"


I have got an Divoom Aura Box here on sale on Gearbest https://www.gearbest.com/speakers/pp_639779.html for 33 USD I just would like to display some Home Assistant stuff (temperature, weather with some cool pixel icons…).


I had seen that there is some API available (bluetooth):


  • Show time
  • Show temperature
  • Send image
  • Send animation loops
  • Scrolling of images
  • Create text image

Now my question:

I have no idea how to integrate this thing. I have cloned the GIT repository to my raspberry and managed to run python python -m divoom_protocol_test which showed me
Ran 26 tests in 0.028s


I have a Raspberry with Bluetooth and I am using bluetooth flic buttons which work. Anyone has an idea how to use these divoom-adapter python files https://github.com/derHeinz/divoom-adapter to show some images on the box based on home assistant automations or events?

Kind regards

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