Divoom PIXOO64 Media Album Art Display

Divoom PIXOO64 Media Album Art Display is a project that leverages AppDaemon to automatically display the album cover of the song currently playing on your PIXOO64. It creates a sensor in Home Assistant to store image data, allowing for dynamic visuals and music-based automations.

The Divoom PIXOO64 Media Album Art Display allows customization of the displayed album art. You can cut out borders, enhance colors, and even display media information for a personalized touch.

This project is a great fit for PIXOO64 owners and music lovers.

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I just learned what a PIXOO64 is!

Any chance of a video of it in action?

I’ve included a screenshot on the GitHub page, and I’ll be creating a video to upload soon.

That seems so cool, I want one above my media player. Squinting at the screen presently…

At 260x260mm, it is almost as big as a real album (300x300).

Here’s a demo:


Thanks. Quite cute.