DIY alarm sounder

I have had a play with the manual alarm panel and I’m generally pleased with how this works.

I have managed to set it up so that it messages me if there is an intruder, and also plays a siren sound at full volume through my media devices.

What I want to do however is connect some sort of actual alarm sounder to the system, so that if the alarm is triggered, this starts up.

I’m thinking of using a smart outlet / plug switch (I have one spare) connected to some sort of siren, that when it is switched on (via automation in Hassio) it just automatically plays it’s siren sound.

That is where I have got to in my thought process. Simple / cheap is key here!

Any ideas from you guys/gals on how to achieve this?

I searched in the last few months for a zigbee/wifi enabled siren but I found only a few ones but they were a bit pricey or not available. A few days ago I managed to build a small siren with a battery backup in case of a power loss and controllable via mqtt, it’s very cheap (around 15$) and simple to build. If you need any info about my build let me know.

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I’m going to try my method outlined above first - as I’ve managed to find an alarm sounder on ebay:

I’m simply going to connect this to a 12v power supply, that is in turn connected to a smart wall socket. I’ll then trigger the wall socket to come on in the automation.

As I don’t yet have my hassio battery backed up yet, there isn’t much point in me having a battery backup for the alarm siren :slight_smile: