Diy curtains blinds and roller shades


The curtains I used a microwave moter which rotates in a random direction when powered on and to make it work its at the end where it cannot go in one of the directions forcing it to go the other direction Same thing with it closed… it has a sun sensor dht11 temp and humidity and the relay on it controls the moter power

The drill blinds I was drunk when I made lol it had a magnet binary sensor a reverse relay and the power from the sonoff basic turns on the power adapter for the drill moter it has a ice maker fins with dishwasher rollers for the cords it need two otherwise the cords get wrapped up at different speeds depending on how its wrapped it also has a screen door spring for added complexity the mag sensors tells it when its up and to stop it from eating the cords I use the force control on the drill moter so if it malfunctions it won’t tear it up!

So on to the roller blinds I used a worm drive moter a binary sun sensor a reverse relay coupled to a 12v 2a adapter and the relay on the sonoff basic turns the power on and off also there is a magnet sensor and a magnet glued to the blind to tell it when it goes up and then I just use a timer when it goes down