DIY DC Zigbee button and repeater - sort of!

I needed a remote button in my garage and also wanted to improve the Zigbee coverage in that space with a repeater so decided to make a device that does both.

I already have a 12V DC distributed around to some parts of the house for sensors and lights so decided to use that and a modified version of the cheap Tuya switch modules.

The module is a 100 - 240VAC that has no approval in Aus so I removed the AC parts and relay and added a 3.3V regulator.

The Zigbee module is a Tuya ZT2S and has 2 inputs from the onboard switch and the external switch and 2 outputs, 1 for the relay and one for the LED. The 2 different branded but similar looking switches I have are programmed differently so the pinouts have to be confirmed.

I have it installed in a small electronics project box with a laser cut lid.

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