DIY Ethernet controlled irrigation system

Just sharing my DIY ethernet controlled irrigation system. The code still needs some minor tweaks but hardware wise it has been solid so far.

I’ve shared all the info on github: GitHub - TurboTronix/Hassio-DIY-ethernet-controlled-irrigation

Here is a small demo of the UI: Hassio-DIY-ethernet-controlled-irrigation/demo.mp4 at 69349e02516fc2c9d4e10ec3dbc989bf36f0d4af · TurboTronix/Hassio-DIY-ethernet-controlled-irrigation · GitHub

Image of the hardware (will work on a custom made 3D printed case eventually):


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Nice set up.

I’ve been researching for my house plant watering system and had my eye on the ETH relay control board, but did not know if it was reprogram able. It is, Very cool. And it look simpler then a esp2866 with a MCP230xx port expander for 16 relays. And wifi for the location of the project is iffy. ETH is better in my case.

Thanks for the your system setup examples, and the controller info. More ideas to work with for my W.I.P.

Many thanks.

Can this accept analogue input ie if I want to connect a water tank level sensor?