DIY Home Security

I am looking to replace my current home security, concord system, with something moderns that I could to some extent monitor with Home Assistant. My idea is to link up Slack with HA and get rolling updates on zones triggering (door opening/closing). Also give me the ability if I want to have it monitored in the future.

Looking around off and on I keep seeing the Honeywell 2gig system and a DSC system with the EnvisaLink. Would these be the best system? Is there any raspberry pi setups?

I found this config on the HA website:

Has anyone tried anything similar that can give any guidance?


installing DSC 1832 is very easy with the envisalink. the honeywell alarm system is painful!
once you got envisalink working, set the password to 6 characters or less.
i just found out a longer character will not work. good luck