DIY Motorize & Automate 25mm / 1'' size Blinds. Without using MQTT

Low price automation of blinds. Blinds are also cheap.

I use ESP8266 with firmware that is native to Home Assistant. Without using MQTT.


  1. Leroy Merlin Blinds Inspire 100x160 cm aluminum color white * 3 pieces
  2. 28BYJ-48 5V 4 Phase DC Gear Stepper Motor + ULN2003 Driver Board * 3 pieces
  3. LOLIN D1 mini V3.1.0 - WEMOS WIFI Internet of Things development board based ESP8266 * 3 pieces
  4. AC-DC 100-240V To 5V 2.5A Switching Power Supply Module * 1 piece

ESPHome firmware

I use ESPHome Add-On to compile:

Home Assistant\ESPHome

Automation rule for Home Assistant

Depending on the light level, the blinds rotate 90 degrees.

Home Assistant\Integrations


Photos Photos

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Project

  • Cheap.

  • ESP8266 does not know the current position of the blinds. Sometimes you have to spin manually by a command from the Home Assistant interface.


Cool project

I would love to see a few more photos of the mechanical assembly with motor and how it is coupled to the blinds.

I have done a similar project but I use a DC motor (not stepper or servo) and I have a 4 bit graycode encoder in the other end of the blind with 5 wires (4 bits and ground) going back to the processor. I use an i2c port expander for this because my ESP8266 controls two blinds

Here are more pictures:

Great work. I like the way you have mounted the stepper.

And nice to see a project implemented on a 25 mm (1") size blinds. All projects I have seen earlier were with the 50 mm (2") size blinds that are more common in North America

Interesting way you have coupled the motor to the tilt rod.

I used a brass coupler like this from Ebay


Really cool project. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for your feedback! And thanks for the wishes for improving the project.

What a great job it is.

I want to make it like you

also want to find how to connected machanical components.

thx for your good idea and sharing.

Thanks for your feedback. Please view photos here:

I also have 1 inch blinds and am interested in doing this. How did you attach the motor to the rod?
Nm, found my answer on your git