DIY Nanoleaf Lines

While in between houses, i started a new project to create a DIY Nanoleaf lines variant.

I started with designing how i wanted things to look and feel, so opened tinkercad and made my version of the lines. because i was between houses and everything i used to build stuff was in storage i used the 3d print service of JLCPCB to print my parts and send them to me.
when the parts arrived i inspected them and found they where very well printed. (if i find myself in this situation again i will use this service again.)

then i wanted to create the led’s to go in them and here i created my first pcb’s
in the listed video’s you can see how they turned out but my first experience was a good one.
offcourse i made some beginner mistakes but because of the low price and good service of JLCPCB this are not major step backs.

the boards look great and work like intended, if you want to build something check out their website: JLCPCB

after putting it all together and compiling WLED it was time to connect it all to my home assistant configuration, because WLED is supported it was automatically found and configurated in home assistant.

i made an automation that when my PIR detects movement in the study it turns on the light, when no movement is detected for 5 minutes it will shut down. (turning on will only be between 9:00 and 19:00)

hope you can enjoy my build !!!
DIY Nanoleaf Lines

Below are the links to all the parts to build it.

part 1: DIY Nanoleaf Lines Part 1
part 2: DIY Nanoleaf Lines Part 2
part 3: DIY Nanoleaf Lines Part 3
part 4: DIY Nanoleaf Lines Part 4
part 5: DIY Nanoleaf Lines Part 5
part 6: DIY Nanoleaf Lines Part 6

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I Love this DYI !!! Im a user of nano leaf and was 2 times a beta tester for them.

I realty like this. Im so sad im not that smart to build this ind of things myself!

// Keep up the good work!!!

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