Diy PCB design - looking for an online retailer

I have seen a few times what I think was a PCB design site where you can upload a design and get the board printed for a reasonable cost. Has anyone seen or ever done this? I have a couple I would be interested in getting printed.

I have not, but I have seen plenty of posts lauding


I’ve used both and multiple times. Both are easy to use, reasonably priced, and the boards were very nice… way better than some of my perf board frankenstein devices.


i agree and can confirm.
i myself used jlcpcb multiple times. prices incl. shipping are acceptable (for me in central europe).

Seeedstudio Fusion is working great too and they are very helpful for any problems or questions :wink: Used it in past with great success !

I’ve used pcbway a few times as well :slight_smile: . Only additional comment is I have not been able to find an inexpensive way to ship.

The cheaper shipping options are becoming available again. My last order with JLCPCB for 5 x 65mm x 48mm boards only cost AU$5.78 for the cheapest shipping option and was delivered in 3 weeks.

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