DIY Pool project: What safety have you added to protect yourself from shock hazard?

Recently installed a new pool and I have many ideas for monitoring temperature, water level and add led strings with low voltage (5v) but I’m mostly concerned about safety first. I’ve installed GFCI breaker and I’ve made sure every connection was sealed or 10’ away from the pool.

For some I may use battery/solar power which should eliminate all risk but I’m interested to know what protection have you implement in your pool/water project to minimized shock hazard that required power line like led string? Anyone used an isolation transformer?


Keep in mind shorting out batteries can lead to nasty fires and maybe a adapter that will limit the current may be better in some cases.

Is 5v low current into pool on GFCI hazard?
How isolation transformer help this?

You could use energy monitor on circuits and trigger [some_action] off that.

Good point but so far all my projects outside with battery are waterproof case with seal and far from the pool and using 18650 with cap protection which included short-circuit.

I wish I could use 5V or 12V string lights close to water for nice effect in the pool but I’m digging safety information on the best way (if any) to do this as safety first before nice light :wink:

Rough estimation of a 21’ Round pool:
Round 21’ Dia = 66 feets circonference (20 meters)
5V / 12V = 4 x 16.4ft (5M) x 60 leds per m x 60ma (RGB x 20ma per led) = ~72A MAX

I normally set all software limitation for LED to 85% to extend their life, so it should bring down to ~61.2A at full power.

Is also 16lm x 60 led x 20 meters = 19200lm in max power. That is waayyy too much.

@taikapanu Well you need to understand that those are RGB LED strip WS2812b which can be controller independent and can do all kinds of effects and in most general will used around 25-50% of their total power but I always plan for worst case in case I need to light all lights up for an emergency. Also to extend life of those economic led strip (e.g. Aliexpress) it is recommended to not go above 85% of full power.

Now, not sure where you got your 16 lm but looking the spec of a general WS2812b:

Using the MCD to lumens calculator
Red = ~405 mcd (120 angle)= 1.27lm
Green = ~690 mcd (120 angle) = 2.17lm
Blue= ~190 mcd (120 angle) = 0.60lm

Full Red = 1.27lm per led x 300 leds/strip x 4 led strips = 1524lm (equivalent of a 100w bulb)
Full Green = 2.17lm per led x 300 leds/strip x 4 led strips = 2604lm (equivalent of a 150w bulb)
Full Blue = 0.60lm per led x 300 leds/strip x 4 led strips = 720lm (equivalent of a 60w bulb)
Full RGB = 4.04lm per led x 300 leds/strip x 4 led strips = 4848lm (equivalent of 3x 100w bulb)
This is full power without the limit to 85% power for extend life and will face the water as indirect light.

So far I don’t see this overkill and perfect fine for my need.

I’m not a lightning expert but your calculations match roughly incandescent lamp values for lumen/watt. Leds should have better ratio.
Well with the extra heat you can keep the pool warm… :stuck_out_tongue:

What is your plan for mounting the LED strips?
Are you planning to put them under the lip of the pool or will they be placed in some housing!?
Above or below water level?

Honestly I think GFCI should cover everything as long as it’s within building code.
LED is no different than any other standard pool light.The big concern would probably be mostly in regards to the mounting of the LED strips around the pool and the potential for them falling into the water if they are mounted around the lip.

Thanks for asking, so far it will be install above the water under the lip of the pool like this product except it will be WS2812b with IPX68:

Still working on a safe mounting bracket and also something to secure cabling. As summer is running out in Canada, I’ll have many months to thinks about it.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
Never considered LEDs under pool rim. You changed my entire light plan for outside.

Trying to have this done by Christmas. At least a test.
I will let you know my mount method.

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