DIY project: Turn Joan into a home automation system

Not my project, but it surely deserves some attention. HAdashboard running on e-paper tablet.

250 euro? You have to really love Joan!

It is expensive, totally agree.

The biggest draw for me is battery life. You can mount it anywhere without worrying how to get power to it. Love the idea of sticking it to a fridge.

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Or you have to work there :). I was doing this in my free time during the lock down and I’m really happy with it but fact remains that I as well work there. The our leadership decided that I would like to do a blog post out of it.

Will share perhaps a video of picture updates as it is really fast for an E-Ink screen.


As I’ve shut down one of our offices I have one to use and am looking at following the blog post to get it working at home

I’m using but I note that the link is dead in the blog post to the hadashboard page ? Any pointers



Pointers? Yes, use the search function.

Sorry nick this was aimed at the author of the blog post where they reference hadashboard as being part of the recommended solution which is now not provided. but i’m sure you knew that.

The question was whether in light of the end of life of that its still recommended to use it or something else.

Lessons in using the internet of course welcome too

You want to use HADashboard, there are plenty of pages if you use the search function on the forum, or google.

I am not sure what you mean by end of life? Do you mean Joan, or do you mean HADashboard? I am not aware of HADashboard being EOL. If there is an EOL notice, then I’d love to know.

Sorry for not checking the forum more often but I have been doing some renovation at home currently and my HA is a little bit on hold. As the temperatures get lower and we are all staying home I’m again working on my HA and checking the forums.

I think the link got repaired in the blog post or I couldn’t find anything that didn’t work.

At the time I have modified a dark theme for HADashboard and I have an integration for battery state etc. as well but it is a custom one and isn’t available in HACS.

The CSS files are here --> values.yaml

and dashboard.css

I have been trying to port over the turning on of the LED front light but wasn’t successful as it can’t be done through the API but rather through the JS app running on the devices.

Hope you got it working and should there be anything just let me know and I promise I will check more often.