DIY Smart battery powered led

Hi folks,

I guess I’m not the only one who have several battery powered led kabel / strings / and any kind of small scrap which includes led and battery.
Now I’m looking for a solution to make those things smart. I think I have to take zigbee or zwave (I personal have only zigbee) due to power consumption, but I don’t know any product.

Any hint or already deployed solution are warm welcome.

And by the way: Habe a nice Christmas.

Greatings from Germany,

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Many LED’s with battery will work with a remote that can be RF or IR.
So if you have for example a BroadLink remote you can learn and use buttons from your remote in HA script/automations.

Hey Robert, that’s a good idea for some common LEDs.

But I (to be honnest - my wife) have a lot of things with 2/3x AA Batterie and a small switch.
Any additional suggestion welcome!

maybe this?

Good idea for a sensor!

It seams like there is no battery powered relay available…