DIY Smart Door Bell using ZBMINIL2

Hey everyone! Have been looking to make my existing door bell show up in home assistant.

TLDR: is there a way to not turn on Line Out when S2 triggered? When the button is pressed, is there a way to only capture the event in HA and not actually turn on the device connected to?

I have a use case where at times of day, I’d like to turn the bell off and instead get notified on phone. A limitation was having common neutral so I thought of ZBMINIL2 as a great starting point.

Not realizing how it’ll turn out, I did order a few and installed this relay between the push button switch and bell. At this point I start getting events in HA and am able to ring bell using HA (totally unnecessary).

After using HA for sometime I think the feeling of anything is possible is fairly common so I really didn’t thought of doing any research before jumping to a possible solution in my head.

Looks like there aren’t any options to manage this device when added in HA. Apart from getting an actual smart doorbell, is there a way for me to use this relay for my use case or would you suggest any other way (Shelly)?

On a side note, with so much information available when it comes to HA, I never thought I would ever have to create a topic to ask for help. Perhaps it’ll help someone else now :slight_smile: