DIY Video Doorbell with 2-Way Intercom

Hello, I am trying to make a Video, 2-Way Audio Doorbell, I know I can use SIP - SIP client card, as intercom - #21 by pergola.fabio

But how do I set up the Hardware side, I know that I can make a call when I press the button using ESPHome which will then trigger the SIP Call, but how do I set up the SIP device with Camera and Mic do I use ESP32-Cam or What to set this all up?

Why not purchasing a sip doorbell instead if you don’t know how to do it?

Because I can’t find many good options… and I want to make it myself… And instead of being rude, If you don’t wanna answer or don’t have the answer why not mind your own business?

Sorry for the rude language but you are damn rude…

Don’t want to be rude :wink:
But it’s just not an easy project, especially if you also want sip…
I think it’s still better to just purchase a cheap sip doorbell, it looks better, powered with Poe, sip already built-in… And there also options to have indoor panels

Look at brands like dahua or akuvox